Cléocin Cream is highly recommended to enhance the healing of potentially infected wounds like first and second burn degrees, post-operative wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, bed sores, erupted skin rash and dermatitis as it is a transparent formula composed of 12 active ingredients in an optimum concentration with a pleasant odor

Cléocin Cream is:

  • Safe (naturally driven)
  • Highly Absorbed (Nanotechnology)
  • 5 in 1 product

Cléocin Cream providing 5 in 1 actions:

  • selective anti-inflammatory
  • anti-microbial
  • Anesthetic
  • blood supply enhancer & angiogenic
  • regenerative



  • surgical and accidental wounds
  • first and second burn degrees
  • post-operative wounds
  • gynecological and obstetrical wounds
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • venous ulcers
  • bed sores
  • erupted skin rash and dermatitis