For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

For A Better Quality Of Life #39 (Gynecologists - Hurghada)

under the slogan "Towards Better Maternity Health", DEVARTLab organized its 39th scientific conference in presence of best group of gynecologists from various universities in Egypt.

The scientific meeting included 3 sessions, over three days, including 4 lectures, which dealt with new issues in gynecological diseases diagnosis and management and infertility, the relationship of oxidative stress and its impact on pregnancy and the role of antioxidants for safe pregnancy and better health for mother and fetus.

Dr Hussien Farag, DEVARTLab President referred to company's role in iron deficiency anemia management in pregnant women and children, by offering nutritional supplements capable of reducing the incidence of infection, including Pharafero 27 and Ferobella, indicating that, to complement the success of DEVARTLab, it introduced Oxifree product to support pregnant women immunity and reduce risks they face and may affect a pregnant woman, such as, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, low birth weight, and entering the nursery

DEVARTLab also contributes to solving bone problems that mothers suffer from by introducing Matrix, which provides the highest levels of calcium absorption with vitamin D3 and K2.