For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

For A Better Future # 40 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

DEVARTLab, one of national companies specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, organized its 40th medical conference, under title “For a Better Future”, to discuss the impact of iron deficiency anemia on children, in presence of best group of pediatrics from various universities in Egypt

Dr. Mohsen Al-Alfy, Professor of Hematology, Ain Shams University, gave a lecture entitled Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in the palm of one hand sponsored by Ferobella

Dr. Ahmed Al-beleidy, Former Head of Pediatrics Department, Cairo University, gave a lecture titled “Vitamin D3: Fact or Fake” sponsored by D3 Candy,

Dr. Tarek Barakat, Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Mansoura University, presented a lecture entitled “Old Problem but a New Concept” sponsored by Vitabella”

Dr. Yasmine Gamal, Head of Nutrition Unit, Ain Shams University, spoke about "Facing Breastfeeding Challenges: Practical Approach” sponsored by Brestto

Dr. Hussein Farag, DEVARTLab President, reviewed the importance of periodic examination and conducting anemia analysis for children to ensure that they don’t suffer from iron deficiency anemia, in addition to the importance of obtaining enough Iron and various vitamins, stressing the importance of taking supplements prescribed by the doctor, balanced meals, and adding nutrient-rich foods to the diet

Dr. Hussein also announced introducing three types of new nutritional supplements to Egyptian market (Pharafero 27 plus, Pharafero 18 plus, and Pharafero 18 capsules), with advanced formulations, that serve a wide segment of Egyptian society, especially children and pregnant women, with lovely dosage forms and flavors that are easy to take, as they are planned to be available in trade market, such as Ferrobella milk and Ferrobella toy, starting from this October

The attendees pointed out the effectiveness of the D3 Candy and Calcibella in maintaining healthy bones and proper growth for children

Dr Hussien also referred to the company's role in iron deficiency anemia management in pregnant women and children, by offering nutritional supplements that can reduce the incidence of infection, including Pharafero 27 and Ferrobella, indicating that, to complement the success of DEVARTLab, it introduced Oxifree to support immunity of pregnant women and reduce risks Which may affect a pregnant woman, for example, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, and low weight of fetus

DEVARTLab also contributes to solving bone problems that mothers suffer from by introducing Matrix, which provides highly bioavailable calcium with vitamin D3 and K2