For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

For A Better Quality Of Life # 43 (Cardiologists & Internal Medicine Physicians - Cairo)

DEVARTLab, a pioneer company in the manufacture of functional foods, nutritional supplements, and therapeutic drugs, organized its 43rd conference, under title "For Better Health and maximum Protection from Cardiovascular Diseases" in presence of elite professors of cardiology, and internal medicine from various universities in Egypt to improve the level of public health

The conference discussed many topics related to atherosclerosis, identifying integrated methods of treatment, reducing blood lipids and arteries calcification through effective products, "Advochol" and "Mena Q" in a lecture by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Professor of Cardiology, Ain Shams University, in addition to discussing everything new in high blood pressure management and the use of new and effective formulations in this field using Nepvol and Amlo - ACE in a lecture by Prof. Dr. Maged Ramses, Professor of Cardiology and Head of Cardiology Department at National Heart Institute

The conference also discussed iron deficiency anemia management by using products with new technology guarantees maximum effectiveness without any side effects, “Pharafero 18 and Pharafero 18 Plus”, in a lecture by Prof. Dr. Bassem Zarif, Professor of Cardiology and Vice Dean of National Heart Institute

Where Dr. Bassem Zarif, addressed at the conference everything related to iron deficiency anemia management indicating that there is a national tendency for iron deficiency anemia eradication, explaining that the new technology of DEVARTLab products, has distinct properties that significantly improve the absorption of iron and does not cause any side effects such as indigestion, stomach pain, and complications, stressing that "DEVARTLab" company has made a breakthrough in iron deficiency anemia management in Egypt. Pointing out that anemia has a negative effect on heart failure patient recovery

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, added that the conference discussed the mechanism of protecting patients with atherosclerosis,

And the role of "Advochol" to reduce blood lipids level, in addition to the role of "Mena Q" to prevent calcium deposition and to protect patients’ arteries