For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

For A Better Quality of Life # 41 (Gynecologists - Hurghada)

DEVARTLab, one of the national companies specialized in pharmaceutical industry, organized its 41st scientific conference “For A Better Quality Of Life # 41”, under title “For Better Maternity Health”, to discuss everything that concerns pregnant woman and related to her health and fetus health, in the presence of best group of professors of obstetrics and gynecology from various universities in Egypt

DEVARTLab, a leading manufacturer of functional foods, nutritional supplements, and medicines, discussed many different medical issues related to malnutrition diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia, which threatens pregnant women health and her fetus, and the role of the most important product for anemia management during pregnancy in Egypt, Pharafero 27

the conference also pointed out the importance of pregnant women nutrition even before pregnancy, which was indicated by Dr. Mohamed Momtaz, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Aini, during his lecture entitled “Micronutrients and Pregnancy Programming.”

Also, the attendees spoke about Matrix effectiveness in maintaining bone health for mothers and fetus, which provides highly bioavailable calcium with vitamin D3 and vitamin K2

During conference, Dr. Hussein Farag, DEVARTLab President, reviewed the importance of periodic examination and conducting anemia analysis for mothers to ensure that she does not suffer from iron deficiency anemia, in addition to the importance of obtaining an adequate amount of iron and various vitamins

Also, Dr. Hussein Farag announced during the opening lecture, the launch of three types of new nutritional supplements on the Egyptian market (Pharafero 27 Plus, Pharafero 18 Plus, and Pharafero 18 capsules), with advanced formulations, serving a wide segment of Egyptian society

DEVARTLab also contributes to solving orthopedic problems that mothers suffer by introducing Matrix, the integrated formula for bone health

Dr. Hussein delivered a lecture under slogan "Made in Egypt", during which he pointed out some honorable Egyptian models, including the international player Mohamed Salah, Dr. Magdy Yaqoub, and the scientist Ahmed Zewail, stressing that Egypt is successful in all fields and it’s time to be a pioneer in pharmaceutical field, pointing out that all DEVARTLab products are 100% Egyptian, to support women and children health

Also, Dr. Hussein stressed that DEVARTLab succeeded in its battle, which it led under the national leadership of its board of directors, against anemia, within the framework of its national role towards Egypt and in coordination with the Egyptian state to support it in its national campaign to eliminate iron deficiency anemia and anemia among school children, announcing that an anemia analysis was conducted for Approximately 226,000 children in schools

Dr. Ashraf Kortam, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, gave a lecture on how to follow up on pregnancy and the most important nutritional supplements that must be taken, the most important of which are iron and calcium.

He also gave some advice to pregnant women to take nutritional supplements before pregnancy

Dr. Mohamed El-Nadi, Professor of Pulmonology at Kasr Al-Ainy stressed the importance of launching public awareness campaigns among citizens against new Corona virus, the role of immunity, the latest international protocols, and statistics, and confronting the fourth wave, especially in the period of pregnancy and lactation.

He also pointed out the importance of taking vaccine to protect and prevent infection and reduce symptoms in case of infection