For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

For A Better Quality Of Life #46 (Ophthalmologists - Alexandria)

DEVARTLab, a pioneer in functional food and innovative pharmaceutical industries, organized its 46th conference “For A Better Quality of Life #46”

Under title "The Role of Zinc and Antioxidants in the Prevention of Eye Diseases" in Alexandria, in the presence of best group of professors in Egypt

 Scientific meeting started with DEVARTLab vision review, which was admired by the attendees including chairpersons, history of ophthalmology in Egypt was also reviewed


Dr. Ehab El Zakzouk, Professor of Ophthalmology at the National Ophthalmology Institute, spoke about retinal diseases and the role of antioxidants and zinc in these cases by describing the distinctive combination of Oxifree and DEVART Zinc.

Dr. Ehab Saad, Professor of Ophthalmology, Kasr Al-Ainy university, gave a fruitful lecture on corneal diseases, especially dry eye, LASIK operations, and the role of antioxidants in these cases

The use of Oxifree was also shared by Dr. Hussam Ziadeh, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Al-Azhar University, and its impressive results. Those results were confirmed and the use of Oxifree in those cases was recommended for a period of two months

Dr. Hossam Sabry, Sales Manager at DEVARTLab, stated that the conference is one of medical conferences series organized by the company within the framework of its educational community role, over 11 years of success, in various specialties such as gynecology, cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics and ophthalmology

Dr. Hossam Sabry pointed out that DEVARTLab has launched a new product on the market, which is DEVART Zinc, contains 50 mg of highly bioavailable zinc to prevent eye diseases such as retinal diseases

More than 120 ophthalmologists, professors and consultants from 20 governorates attended the conference