For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

DEVARTLab in ISDB Conference

DEVARTLab, a pioneer in functional food and innovative pharmaceuticals, participated in the private sector forum activities at Islamic Development Bank Group conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, to discuss the current economic conditions and recovery from Covid 19 pandemic, in the presence of Dr. Hussien Farag, DEVARTLab President and Dr. Sameh El-Zaher, Vice DEVARTLab Vice President

The Saudi Finance Bank had invited DEVARTLAb to participate in the conference

Nevine Gamea, Trade and Industry Minister, pointed out national companies’ products, especially DEVARTLab, and she addressed her admiration for Oxifree and Pharafero Family role in iron deficiency anemia management

Yehia Al-Harthy, Customer Acquisition Department Director, and Talal Al-Salem, Marketing and Corporate Communication Specialist at the Export-Import Bank, also pointed out DEVARTLab products under the slogan “Made in Egypt”, and they met with Dr. Hussein Farag, DEVARTLAb president

During the event, Dr. Hussein Farag, DEVARTLab President, reviewed the company's activity and plans to improve medical field and nutritional supplements in the framework of the Board of Directors' keenness to increase national products under the slogan "Made in Egypt"

During forumactivities, Dr Hussien Farag, DEVARTLab President announced to the attendees that DEVARTLab will open new markets in the Arabian Gulf region, and in many African countries soon, as a continuation of its research and development approach in functional foods production, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical preparations with international quality standards that prove Leading the national industry and supporting the Egyptian economy in facing all the current global economic crises by increasing Egyptian exports for a better future for our children

DEVARTLab was also keen to distribute some of its free products to the arrivals at the international conference, which includes many multinational companies.