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DEVARTLab Journey Towards "A Nation Without Anemia"

DEVARTLab is a leading national company in the industries of functional foods, nutritional supplements and therapeutic drugs in Egypt and the Middle East, which we mean to provide nutrients supported by minerals and vitamins that the body needs on a daily basis to obtain effective results in the shortest possible time, through the latest technologies that ensure complete absorption without any side effects in order to prevent malnutrition problems and its risks, Since the company was established in 2011, it aspires to distinguish the Egyptian pharmaceutical products and seeks with firm steps to expand globally with its high-quality exports, as the company works on permanent communication in all medical and social places for a better healthy life, and the company has already distinguished itself significantly in a short period with its products, community activities and initiatives to become one of the best-selling companies in the Egyptian drug market, where it ranked 43 out of 1,150 companies and factories to grow and prosper in record time at the same time as it seeks to achieve its vision in Egypt and the Middle East towards a better life, towards our societal role and spreading awareness about malnutrition problems and its risks.

Based on the vision of DEVARTLab - one of the leading national Egyptian companies in the industries of functional foods, nutritional supplements and therapeutic drugs in Egypt and the Middle East - and its societal role in supporting the health and educational system, the company has launched free awareness campaigns since 2015 to combat iron deficiency anemia for all adults and children,Where UNICEF and the World Health Organization reports indicated that the rate of iron deficiency anemia in Egypt for adults is 30% and children are 58%, meaning that one out of every three adults in Egypt, and one out of every two children in Egypt suffer from anemia. Malnutrition, and the free service includes a comprehensive examination of all minerals and vitamins associated with malnutrition problems in the body without drawing a blood sample using the latest medical devices, in the context of spreading health awareness among all Egyptians.

As tests have been conducted for more than 300,000 Egyptians, so far, at the level of 26 governors throughout the Republic, in cooperation with Egyptian bodies, ministries, and institutions in all hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, as well as national campaigns in schools and universities.