For A Better Quality of Life # 49 (Cardiologists & Internal Medicine physicians - Alexandria)

DEVARTLab, the leading company in the functional food and innovative pharmaceutical industries, organized its 48th  conference "For A Better Quality of Life # 48", under title "Towards Better Health and maximum protection from cardiovascular diseases", in the presence of best group of eminent professors at Alex

The activities of the scientific meeting began with DEVARTLab vision review which was admired by all audience including our eminent chairpersons.

DEVARTLab team pointed out Egyptian individual value, especially Egyptian doctor, and that one individual can change the world, and that out of every 200 individuals in the world, 3 of them are Egyptians, and they are often effective in their places

At the beginning of scientific meeting, Prof. Montasser Zeid, Professor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology at Alexandria University, spoke about DEVARTLab uniqueness by providing distinguished medicines to solve the most important diseases that facing Egyptian patient, such as heart disease, arterial calcification, elevated blood pressure and iron deficiency anemia. Dr. Montaser added that DEVARTLab uniqueness comes through the provision of Egyptian-made medicines and company's keenness to pioneer new medical principles by using human minerals technology, to provide highest absorbable minerals without any side effects, unlike some other medicines available in market to treat the same disease, which makes the Egyptian patient cannot continue the prescribed treatment due to its side effects, and this came through the introduction of the drug “Pharafero 18”

Prof.Sami Noah, Professor of Cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, also stressed his great admiration for the scientific meeting organization, the homogeneity of DEVARTLab team, and DEVARTLab vision

By providing an important medication to solve one of the most important diseases of the era, which is elevated blood pressure, by "Nepvol", which is the latest generation of Beta Blockers, overcoming the defects of previous generations, which provides a strong value to this disease treatment by being one of the most important pillars in myocardial infarction treatment.

Prof. Yasser Neanaa, Professor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology at Alexandria University, pointed out the increase in arterial calcification rates in last decade and the danger extent of calcium deposition on blood vessels walls and heart tissues in deterioration of patients with heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and kidney disease.

 And the role of Mena Q "vitamin K2", which is a drug that has no alternative in Egyptian market, and its role in protecting patients, preventing calcium deposits on blood vessels walls and heart tissues, and reducing death rates resulting from arterial calcification

More than 150 Doctors, Professors and Consultants of Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Nephrology from different Governorates all over Egypt have Attended the Conference