For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

For A Better Future #44 (Pediatrics - Hurghada)

DEVARTLab, the leading manufacturer of functional food and innovative pharmaceuticals, organized its 44th scientific conference, under title "For a Better Future", in the presence of best group of pediatricians in Egypt for a better future for our children.

This came within the framework of DEVARTLab keenness to play its awareness role in health and education of our children, as they are an essential pillar in building bright future for our beloved Egypt.


The lecturers discussed many important issues, including iron deficiency anemia, which threatens creative skills, activity and immunity of one out of every two children in Egypt. The audience pointed Ferrobella as the first functional food rich in iron, zinc and vitamins in fighting this iron deficiency anemia.

The discussions also touched on ways to improve children appetite and ensure their healthy growth, especially after the Egyptian Ministry of Health banned the circulation of all chemical appetites due to their harmful effect on health since 2011 and the role of Vitabella, the first natural appetizer which works to improve children appetite towards nutrition,

The topics of conference also touched on the discussion of supporting children's bones and teeth through Calcibella, as well as improving their immunity to fight infection through Fahito.


The conference was enriched by Dr. Ehab Khairy, Professor of Pediatrics at Ain Shams University, with a lecture entitled "Super Lactoferrin: A New Era for Child Immunity."

Dr. Yasmin Gamal, Professor of Pediatrics at Ain Shams University, gave a lecture entitled "Facing Breastfeeding Challenges: Practical Approach"

Dr. Ahmed Badr, Professor of Pediatrics - Cairo University, gave a lecture entitled “Calcium Supplementation, Necessity or Luxury”

Dr. Mohamed Zidan, Professor of Pediatrics - Mansoura University, gave a lecture entitled “Child Appetite (Parents Headache; Physicians Challenge)”


The conference was also honored with a lecture by Dr. Mohsen Al-Alfy, Professor of Pediatrics - Ain Shams University, who received the State Appreciation Award entitled “Anemia in Children (Think; IDA & Plan for Therapy)"

 Dr. Hussein Farag, DEVARTLab President, announced DEVARTLab opening in new markets in the Arab Gulf region, and soon in many African countries, to continue the approach of research and development in the production of functional foods, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals with international quality standards that prove pioneering the national industry and supporting the Egyptian economy in facing all the current global economic crises by increasing Egyptian exports for a better future for our children.


Dr. Shady Al-Zaher, member of DEVARTLab Board of Directors, spoke about "Rubik Care" application launch, an integrated medical platform, through which all medical services and interactions between medical sector members are organized.