Together For Worthy Life

We are always trying to adapt with the evolving needs of society. And contribute to the Overall health and wellness of our communities

Core Values

Devartlab Employees

We respect the personality, talent, and teamwork of all members, and value a corporate  
  Culture that is free and vigorous Integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and  
  Teamspirit of our employees are the cornerstones of our excellence. This is achieved  
  Through creating an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork. 

Core Values

Devartlab Shareholders

The shareholders or touts are among our priorities to raise the value of the invested  
 Amounts for the maximum profit in the shortest possible time.

Core Values

Devartlab Values

Our organization core values, are driven by a desire to improve human life and to achieve  
  Scientific excellence Through operating with the highest standards of integrity.

Core Values

Devartlab Customer

We put patients first all the time and act in the interests of enhancing their satisfaction.
  Our Major Commitment Towards Our Customers Is To provide unique products and 
  services with flexible marketing policies Serving Health Challenges Of Today & Tomorrow,  
  Sharing Them In Devartlab Vision In Serving Our Community.

Core Values

Devartlab Suppliers

Continuously We Are Seeking A Relation of mutual respect, encouragement and  
  teamwork With Our Suppliers In Order To Keep Our Standards.

Core Values

Devartlab Society

We observe laws and ethics, and strive to grow in harmony with society and for the benefit  
  of its development We believe in operating honestly and with the highest degree of ethics,  
  through ensuring that the company complies with all applicable laws and  
  regulations within our communities.

Together For Worthy Life

Being Nutraceutics & cosmeceutics pioneers in the middle east. Based on full  
  understanding of the power and potential of nutrition & natural elements to enhance  
  human health and wellness.


We are an Egyptian pharmaceutical company, providing unique products and services for our clients with flexible marketing policies aiming a respectable partnership with our suppliers through well trained team with highly ethical standards among suitable environment permitting Read More


- Achieve the corporate brand through the initiation of original customer value. - Build a strong and flexible business quality through the promotion of our style marketing management. - Create a high-touch business force through the implementation of management practices that start with people (humanism) and empowerment. Read More

Core Values

1- Customers: We put patients first all the time and act in the interests of enhancing their satisfaction. Our major commitment towards our customers is to provide unique products and services with flexible marketing policies, serving health challenges of today & tomorrow and sharing them in Devartlab vision in serving our community.    Read More

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