Arthenia is the best option to get rid of all skin darkening conditions, only within 6 weeks.

Arthenia is the only safe combination for all ages even kids’ skin and all skin types even sensitive areas.

Arthenia offers a unique formula that cover all stages of melanogenesis.

Arthenia moisturizer 10 times more than glycerin.

Arthenia adsorb sebum up to 10 hours.

Arthenia provides a potent integrated system along with the safest physical sun-blocker against all UV spectrum (UVA & UVB) and guarantees high penetration through skin results from modified particle size technology.


is the ideal choice for the following cases:
 - Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
 - After dermatological pilling process.
 - After dermatological laser process.
 - Post acne.
 - Solar lentigo.
 - Melasma.


Is available in a tube of 50 gm, 20 gm.


- provides integrated mode of actions, (Anti-hyperpigmentation & sunscreen) through achieving the balance between formula and formulation.


Twice daily topical application on your affected area then massage it gently or as directed by the physician.
Avoid eye contact, in case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with running water. 

Keep in dry place, away from direct sun light and temperature not exceeding 25 C. * Keep out of reach of children and not to be taken with mouth.