Ferrobella Liquid Chocolate 

Ferrobella The 1st Functional Food in The form of Complete Hematinic Liquid Chocolate, by Micro-Encapsulation Technology Belonging to The Novel Iron Preparations, to Provide Maximum Bioavailability to Give High Efficacy with Excellent Tolerability without Any Side Effects as with Traditional Iron Preparations to Support the Normal Formation of Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin to Maintain Cognitive Skills, Daily Physical Activities and Strong Immunity.

Each 10 gm Ferrobella Liquide Chocolate Contains “6mg Micro dispersed Iron, 2,5mg Micro dispersed Zinc, 30mg Vitamin C, 4,67mg Vitamin E, 0,6mg Vitamin B1, 0,4 mg Vitamin B2, 5,33mg Vitamin B3, 2mg Vitamin B5, 1,7mg Vitamin B6, 8mcg Vitamin B7, 20mg Vitamin B8, 200mcg Folic Acid, 0,8mcg Vitamin B12

Ferrobella liquid chocolate is packaged in two forms:

 - Economic package 350 gm

 Savings package 200 gm


Ferrobella liquid chocolate

Ferrobella Is a Daily Nutrition Style for the Whole Family to Combat Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia Which Threatens Cognitive Skills, Daily Activities and Immunity.

Ferrobella liquid chocolate

- Children from 1-4 Years 10gm Once Daily.

- Children from 4 Years & Adults 10gm from 1-3 Times Daily.

- No Side Effects when Used as Recommended.

- Allergen Information: Ferrobella Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives, Hazelnuts & Soya  Lecithin 

Store at Room Temperature in Dry Place, Away from Heats & Direct Sun Rays 

- And it is Best to Be Used within Three Months from Opening Day.